Who We ARE

Baird Built was founded in our father's farm shop here in small town central Illinois. With a vision and strong blue collar work ethic, we went to work on a dream. We hustled and scrapped, literally building our machines to save upfront cost such as our massive powder coating oven and spray booth. The machines we bought, we taught ourselves to run. No outside help was asked of when it came to running the business. Just us. Every single night. The hustle was real and the days were hard...

Many many nights with no sleep and no success in sight, we pushed through knowing it would eventually work. We envisioned what Baird Built would one day turn in to, and today it is well on it's way and for that we are extremely proud of. Out Mission was and always will be to help others, specifically Veterans, First Responders, and Patriots alike.

We have an amazing support system from our wives and family, to our friends. Without them, we would be nothing.