The Details

No matter how large or small the product is, we will always take pride in our product. We are so much more than just your standard sign company. We strive to be the best metal artists in the world.

Bold? Yes. Attainable? Absolutely. 

We are masters of our trade, and we make sure that is known in our work. If you want the best of the best, you've come to the right place. We make sure you receive nothing less from start to finish. 

Made in the USA

Our company is proudly located in the United States of America, and ran by patriots and veterans who love this country. We understand the impact creating jobs locally has.


Free Shipping on all orders $150+

Quality Guarantee

Each product is individually inspected with the closest attention to detail before it leaves our facility guaranteeing that our customers receive nothing short of perfect every single time.

Commitment To Excellence

Baird Built offers a 30-day MBG on any product if the customer is unhappy with their purchase.