The Great Outdoors Fire Pit

Sale price$175.00

Size: 36"x36"x12"
Color: Matte Black

What makes us different?

Our designs

Fires are a place to gather around and create long lasting memories. They are a place for camaraderie to take place with those you love and trust. They are a place of healing.

Our fire pits are more than a fire for warmth; they are works of art unmatched on the market illuminating at night for you and your guests to look at and create conversations around.

Collapsible and Portable

Our fire pit design is meant to be broken down and stored, taking up minimal space on a shelf. You can also take your pit on a hike and set up camp wherever you like.

Unique Hinged Design

Baird Built offers a unique hinged design unrivaled on the market today. Our hinge allows your fire pit to slide together with ease while maintaining structural rigidity.


Temperature Rated

We use some of the finest coatings on the market.


Gauge Steel

We use thick US made cold rolled steel; The highest quality on the market and straight from the mill. Under extreme heat, thin store bought firepits will warp and fall apart. Rest assured that ours will truly stand the test of time.

Laser Cut Panels

All of our panels are laser cut to provide the highest quality illuminated images

Temp Rating

Our fire pits are rated for 1200° to battle the harshest fires

Interlocking Hinges

Provide seamless and easy assembly in any location by sliding together. Can be assembled with one person.

Thick Sturdy Design

All of our pits are made of 14ga thick steel to ensure they do not warp, even under the most extreme temperatures.


Which Outdoor Pit Fits Your Lifestyle

Not sure what size to take camping? Check out our comparison chart below.










Temp Rating






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The detail in my fire pit is incredible! I could tell in pictures that it looked really nice but when I received it in person... wow! Just amazing! I cant wait to start a fire in it!
I have never seen a fire pit fold up like this one! It hardly takes up any room on my shelf! What a great idea!
Shipping was fast! I recieved my order in just over a week.

Made in the USA

Our company is proudly located in the United States of America, and ran by patriots and veterans who love this country. We understand the impact creating jobs locally has.


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Quality Guarantee

Each product is individually inspected with the closest attention to detail before it leaves our facility guaranteeing that our customers receive nothing short of perfect every single time.

Commitment To Excellence

Baird Built offers a 30-day MBG on any product if the customer is unhappy with their purchase.